воскресенье, 12 апреля 2015 г.

Настольная игра «Большое Космическое Путешествие»

Яркая, сочная и увлекательная игра из жунала «Весёлые картинки» 1988 года.
Побеждает тот игрок, который первым достигнет крайнюю левую клетку в верхнем ряду.
Это незабвенная классика советских настольных игр, с которой вы теперь можете ознакомиться.
Представляется она в двух вариантах, напечатанных в разных выпусках журнала.

Большое космическое путешествие (настольная игра).rar (42 МБ)

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  1. Spasibo!

    Sorry, that is all the Russian I know! Many thanks for the scans of the Bolshoe Kosmicheskoe Puteshestvie board game - I am a big fan of Soviet era science-fiction/space music and films so this is a real treat.

    I wonder if this is named after the 1970s children's science-fiction film? It seems to have a similar name? I have watched the film a number of times (using Google Translate for the Russian subtitles into English) and it is such a great film - great soundtrack by Alexandr Ribyniov (sorry if I got the spelling of his name wrong!)

    Anyway, many thanks for the space and disco Soviet era posts - I was brought up in England in the seventies and eighties, during the "height" of the so-called "Cold War"
    and I can't help but think that if we listened to each other's music and watched each other's films at the time - then the respective governments would not have been able to sustain the "enemy image" as we would have seen each other as human beings and we would have realised how much we have in common as human beings (sadly, the psychopaths and criminals in charge of my country are trying to start the 'cold war' again! But know that many of us here in the UK see the Russian people as our friends.